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Bounce Baby Bounce

The book is finally completed and published. Writing this book was a mental challenge only because I personally knew all the artists and the bounce era was my time in the grind. Up in the clubs with my hands on the wall all night to the beat of DJ Jimi.  I never thought that today I would be releasing my book on Bounce "Bounce Baby Bounce".   

When it started in was an underground thing.  My upper class folks would never play or listen to it.  The radio stations hated it and vowed to never play it.  So it played in the hole in the wall clubs like Newtons, Jims, 49's, Detour, Ghost Town... Places where you knew a shooting, fight or raid was bound to happen yet the club would still be standing room only. Bounce represented everything that civilized people thought was unacceptable.  But the need for the beat was deep.  You couldn't have party if the beat wasn't knocking.  It was music that had girls shaking like they were crazy for no reason and really didn't care.  Bounce is the kind of music that would make you dance in the middle of the floor  by your dam self.  Still it wasn't accepted.  Then the break came.....

A local tv producer at NOATV name Goldie never let that beat die and she brought it to the airwaves.  The tv show was "It's All Good In The Hood". She put the faces to the music and weekly the show aired bounce hottest artists like "Big Freedia", '5th Ward Weebie", "Blaq N Mild", "Hot Boy Ronald", "Josephine Johnny", "PNC"....

Today Big Freedia is letting it be known to world about bounce and they love it more than us.  Girls of all nationalities is twerking and playing bounce music.  Music is universal ..... its like love.... it's able to cross all boundaries.  That's why everybody like something that's a lil different for no reason.  Like you may like a melody to a spanish song and don't understand a word.... yet you like the song. This is why today in 2016 when that beat comes on..... ALL colors and BOTH sexes hitting the wall........... thank yaaaaaaaa

Check out the book  "Bounce Baby Bounce"

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